Nars Sheer Glow First Impression and Review!

Nars Sheer Glow foundation is probably one of the most iconic foundations in the world! Its one I have lusted over for so long! The reason its taken me so long to try this foundation is the fact that I had no idea what shade I would be! After watching one of Shaaanxo's videos where she mentioned the Temptalia Foundation Matrix, I was finally able to order the foundation in the right shade!The shade I have is 'Deauville', a name I found really ironic considering how much time I spent in France during my childhood. Its basically a more neutral light shade, rather than being overly pink or yellow. The finish of the foundation really surprised me! I was expecting it to be really wet and dewy. However, although the foundation is definitely dewy its not actually that wet at all. In fact, it was really comfortable on the skin! The dewy finish is so beautiful! I felt so flawless and glamorous wearing this foundation! If you have not had a chance to try out this foundation for yourself, I would definitely recommend it. I know its quite pricey, but I feel like its worth every penny!

I've attached a video with a more in-depth review of the foundation. You can see the beautiful dewy finish really clearly! It makes it look like I have a luminising cream underneath! Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy the video!

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Hey darling! Lovely post and video, this is my favourite foundation. I've put you as one of the blogs to follow this week over on my blog, link's here if you want to check it out x