Pure Makeup Envy!

I'm sure I'm not the only one that this happens too, but the reason I love doing makeup on other people so much is because you can really see a whole look come together during the application process. You know when to stop with each product, really making the look exactly what you want it to be. I find that when I do my own makeup, I quite often go over the top with some products because its difficult to see the entire look on your own face when your often focusing on one exact area at a time.

The look I did here on the beautiful Alex is a great example of the type of look I want to create on myself but often end up going too far with it and making it look too dramatic or unwearable. Here I felt I really hit the nail on the head in terms of balancing the two. I just love how out-there this look is, whilst still being really glam. This makeup look was one of the first times I felt I really had the freedom creatively to do what I wanted and I just love the result!

It also helps when you have a model as beautiful as Alex, I just couldn't get over how the gold and copper tones really made her eyes pop!

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