Why Pink is the Best Winter Colour

When it comes to winter fashion, trends always seem to lean towards those darker colours. I see so many shops filled with burgundy, green and black pieces around this time of year. Me being the complete girly girl I am, the use of traditional winter colours has often left me uninspired. I love clean, fresh and pretty colours all year round! Not just in the spring and summer time! So this year I made it my mission to incorporate my favourite colours into my winter wardrobe. If you know me, you will know that pink is one of my all time favourite colours! Not just any pink though... dusky rose pink is my absolute go-to with any look! I find it incredibly flattering and I just love how feminine it makes me feel! It is one of those colours which I feel really encompasses my personal style entirely. One of my favourite items I have bought this year has to be this pink and cream faux shearling gilet from Primark. It is so soft and comfortable! I always feel so cosy in it! One of the ways I like to wear it is with this beautiful pink ribbed top from Next. I just love the bishop sleeve details on this top! I feel it really adds something extra to the look. I also like to wear it alongside this black and white skirt. The skirt has this really intricate zigzag pattern which adds an alternative texture to the outfit. Really bringing it all together! This skirt I actually picked up from a local charity shop, along with the boots! Who says fashion can’t be affordable ey?!

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