How I stay Focused & Driven

People always comment on how busy I am. I always have multiple projects and a crazy hectic schedule. But even in times of complete chaos, I find the strength to stay focused and remain on the right track (most of the time). Sometimes my journey takes me on a more scenic route, but the destination is always the same.

One of the things that enables me to maintain this colourful and vast agenda of mine, is my wildly creative personality. When it comes down to it, I simply just love making things. Whether thats in a structured professional sense, or more abstract and artistic. My passion for life really comes from the love of building something from the ground up and making it completely my own. Thats probably the reason I enjoy writing and filming so much. It gives me the chance to show people exactly who I am, in the way I see me. I love that freedom. So today, I want to talk to you a little bit about how I focus that energy to ignite my drive and optimise my focus!
Aims and inspiration
I always set clear aims for myself, and give myself a little step by step on how I can achieve these aims. When it comes to my creativity, one of the ways I like to set aims for myself is through the use of mood boards. I collect images in different groups of categories, e.g. smokey eyes, summer outfits, makeup storage etc... and then I use them as inspiration to help me reach my aims. Kinda a little nudge in the right direction to make sure I stay on track. If I can visually see what I'm aiming for, its easier for me to stay focused on what I want as the final outcome. 
Comparing and marking my progress
Although focusing on the end product is great, I always make sure to check my progress as I go. I am always taking pictures and making notes on how I've done something in that moment. Being able to go back, compare and reflect on old work highlights exactly how far I've come. Its not always the final product that your most proud of, its the work its taken to get to that final place.
Making time for what I want to do in that moment 
Because I have multiple passions, I never force myself to spend time doing something if I simply, don't want to do it. I do things as the mood takes me. For example, its now 23:00 and instead of sleeping and preparing for the day ahead, I'm writing this blog post. If I have the urge to do something, I do it. This massively helps to amplify my passion and motivation for the task at hand. Some of my best content has come from spur of the moment ideas!
Surrounding myself with like minded people 
Theres nothing more inspiring and motivating than spending time with other creative people, that love the creative process as much as I do. Some of my most inspiring moments have been during photoshoots, because everyone there is so creative! Theres something about bouncing ideas of one another that triggers this massive sense of drive and makes my ideas come alive!

Focus and drive are two things which are really important to me. I love pushing my skills and experience to the next level. Growth is an incredibly important part of life and we need to make the most of it! I hope you enjoyed this post! It was inspired by a post I saw by the lovely Samantha Maria. I loved the concept, so wanted to create my own thoughts on the subject on my blog! Thank you for reading! xx

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