Soft Pink Highlighter | Bobbi Brown

I think this is the most excited I have ever been about a makeup product! I have always wanted to try Bobbi Brown products but just never had the funds too! Well, you can imagine my excitment when I saw this on sale at the Cosmetics Company Store in Cheshire Oaks. I almost died! It retails for £33 but I got mine for £24. Which I think is a complete bargain! 

As the name suggests its a beautiful soft pink colour, with a white marble shimmer running through it. I am a massive fan of theBalms Mary-Loumanizer and have long been looking for something in a different colour which is just a stunning and at last I've found it! Its definately going to be my new go-to beauty product. What I love about it most is its versatility. I have been using it as both an eye shadow and highlight. Which makes getting ready for work super quick and easy. 

Overall, I am in absolute love! The quality of this product makes me so excited to try more Bobbi Brown products in the future!

Let me know if their are any Bobbi Brown products you recommend!

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  1. I can understand how excited you are because I haven't tried any of their products yet even though I've been eyeing them for the longest. Highlighters are my must for this summer