Darling, just own it.

One of the things I love most about being a woman, is how experimental I can be with my sensuality. I love feeling sexy. Women are made up of so many different elements within their personality. Each side can release a whole new character and tuning into those can be so much fun! Obviously, sexy isn't all a woman is! Of course not! Some of my biggest idols are those women that are; intelligent, confident, strong, independent and as a result, incredibly  sexy. 

Finding my inner sexiness isn't something that happened overnight for me. It was a long process that gradually developed with age. The more I have become comfortable in my own skin and with my own quirky personality, the more sexy I have felt. I know this isn't a topic which is the be-all and end-all, but for me its a massive part of self love. And while I have the power to talk about things which are important to me, I really wanted to share with you a few of the things which have helped me to feel more sexy and empowered.

Frame of mind
My frame of mind has a massive influence on how I feel. Particularly if I haven't been looking after myself properly. Regular exercise and eating well can never be underrated! Even when I'm not trying to loose weight or diet, just the fact I'm doing something good for my body makes me feel so much better! I can literally go from ugly-blob to sexy-seductress in one day, when I take the time to look after my body. This doesn't mean you have to go over the top! Just light exercise to help get your body moving is enough to make me feel better!

Wear what makes you feel good!
This is something I have definitely learnt over the past year. If you look back at any of my old photos, you will see that most of the time I wore leggings and a baggy top. Compare that to all my recent pictures. A massive difference, right?! When I'm choosing outfits these days, I have one very simple rule. If it doesn't make me feel great, don't buy it. Simple! Don't get stuck in the trap of 'I'll get it because its comfortable'. Yes, you want your clothes to be comfortable, obviously, but nothing beats a nice outfit that's comfy and makes you feel like the absolute goddess  that you are! 

Everyone is a sucker for playfulness! There is literally  nothing more  sexy than a person that enjoys life and laughs. I think the key to this for me is simply smiling and being able to spread as much humour as I can. I love seeing people happy! I really try to keep a spring in my step by keeping everything light hearted and fun. I want the people around me to enjoy my company, as much as I enjoy theirs! I want us to laugh, ALOT, and have fun! 

Like playfulness, enthusiasm can be like kryptonite. Its the love for life which can make a person seem so sexy! Think of it like a sports game, its the excitement from the crowd that stirs on a person to perform to their best. Everyone wants to be respected and listened too. Being engaged and invested in someone or something, isn't just courteous. It makes the other person feel great about themselves, and what's better than that?! Selflessness and caring for others is incredibly sexy! 

'Sexy isn't a shape, it's an attitude' 

I hope this post was a little bit helpful or inspiring for at least one of you! And I would love to know your thoughts on this topic. Its something which I think is so personal and often a taboo subject to talk about, which is why I wanted to cover it on my blog. Sexiness is a massive part of confidence, and nurturing confidence, to me, is so important.

Lingerie: Victoria Secret, Necklace: Pretty Little Thing.

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